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HSPT/ISEE Summer Boot Camp Remote (Block B)


Preparation for HSPT/ISEE Exams, Admissions Essays, and Interview (6th, 7th, & 8th Graders)

July 11  – July 19, 2022 

3 Weeks – Full Day Online HSPT/ISEE Test Prep Boot Camp…and we promise they won’t be bored!

It’s an engaging program with educational modules that switch up every 30 minutes, keeping the program interesting for students. 95% of our Summer Boot Camp students were accepted to their first choice of schools. Most of our academic merit scholarships (based on test scores) are graduates of our Summer Boot Camp program.



*$95 Discount if registered by March 30, 2022. Limited Enrollment. Register early.

  • Standardized Test Taking Strategies (HSPT / ISEE / SSAT)
    • First Steps for Private School Entrance Exams
  • Study Skills
    • Getting Organized
    • Note Taking
    • Time Management
  • Interview Process
    • Learn the skills to master the private school interview and how to best profile student accomplishments
  • Competitive Writing
    • Developing the Five-Paragraph Essay, and Grammar Checkup
  • Math Review
    • Pre-Algebra, Algebra, and Geometry
  • Reading Comprehension
    • Summaries
    • Quizzes, and Essays for Required Summer Reading
  • Humanities and Enrichment
    • Arts, Community Service Project, Chess Club, Mind-Benders, Puzzles and Magic, Robotic Elective
  • Campus and Remote Options
    • Due to COVID-19, registrants will participate in our Remote Summer Camp to ensure adequate test prep before the admissions process begins in the fall. Remote options will include all of the same elements as the on-campus program, including guest speakers and a community service project. Both programs have limited enrollment.


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